Friday, March 30, 2012

A Note On Death

Pondering our common eventuality and sharing a different perspective:

My death will give meaning to my strength, wisdom, and all the efforts I've contributed to our society and to all the lives I have influenced, just as the lives and deaths of all those around me have before me.

The atoms that make up my body were born out of the explosion of stars, many years ago. The elements that make up what I call "myself" have been part of this planet for billions of years, and I have had the great privilege to have been a creature with the facilities to understand and appreciate this great process.

My death will return the atoms of "myself" to this planet where they will continue to contribute to the life for a very, very long time. While none of us living entities play a critical role in this dance we call "life", we do enrich it.

Trying to wrap my head around the possible history of the atoms in "myself" thrills me to no end. How many of those atoms rode on meteorites smashing into this planet in the distant past? How many have been fused paste on a tree? How many have been stuck on the wing of a fly, or nestled near the core of this planet?

And one day.... in the distant future... our sun will go supernova and send our atoms out into the cosmos... just as they had done since before this specific galaxy even formed.

Watch, and realize:

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